Course Description

My knife making classes go over two days and are held every weekend in Mount Nebo near Brisbane.

I can take two students, possibly three if they come as a group and make knives in the same style (hunting/utility or kitchen knives).

No prior experience required.

I can guarantee that you will go home with a great knife, and that, at the end of the course, you will also have a step-by-step process allowing you to make your own knives in the future.

You will do all the work, and I will guide you through the process, only jumping in when mistakes need to be fixed. I don’t want you to watch me make your knife!

What knives can I make?

It would have to be either 2 kitchen knives, a big and a small one, or a hunting/utility knife, but, in that case, we will make a leather sheath for it.

Regardless of the type of knife you decide to make, you will have the opportunity to acid etch a design of your choice on the blade or give it a forced patina.

Feel free to bring pictures or a template of the knife you would like to make, but if you’re not too sure, that’s not a problem, I have plenty of templates you can choose from.

What steel will I use?

You will be working with an excellent stainless steel called NitroV.

I use this steel in classes as well as the majority of my own knives because it is easy to work with, is good value for money and has a great edge retention.

What do I need to bring?

Clothes that can cope with a few sparks, so nothing synthetic that will melt or catch fire. Covered shoes of course, but steel caps are not necessary.

I will supply aprons, safety glasses and dust masks.

What about lunch?

Bring a bite to eat or go to the local café. The food is good and the staff friendly.

I have a fridge you can use if you wish to keep your meal cold, but I don’t have a microwave if you need to heat it up.

I will supply tea and coffee.


I’m happy to give a refund if you can’t make it, unless you cancel less than 48 hours before the course, or don’t  show on the day, which prevents me from trying to get another person to fill in.

Where can I stay?

There is no camp site in the area. It is possible to camp in the national park but you might need to check with the department of Parks and Wildlife first. Camp ground are generally close when there is a risk of bush fire, and you might need to pay a fee.

There is a good choice of AirBnBs within a few minutes’ drive.–Queensland/homes?tab_id=home_tab&refinement_paths%5B%5D=%2Fhomes&date_picker_type=calendar&query=Mount%20Nebo%2C%20Queensland&place_id=ChIJC-d5NgerlmsRoJHe81qjAgU&source=structured_search_input_header&search_type=autocomplete_click

There’s also the Mount Nebo Train Carriage.

See Paul on Creek to Coast talking about knife making.

Bookings and Enquiries

To book a class please use the system below.

When a Saturday is green, the Sunday is available too.

Check your junk mail for notification of bookings if they don’t show in your inbox.

Classes with Paul

Knifemaking Class

From: $750.00

Visit mount nebo for your full weekend knife making class