G’day and thank you for popping in.
I am a French Australian knife maker based in Brisbane Australia.
I grew up in a house full of swords, bayonets, shields, halberds, helmets and a lot of militaria from all ages, and my grand dad gave me my first Opinel when I was about 6 years old.
This is my excuse for my knife addiction.
What started as a simple hobby a few years ago quickly became a passion, and a part time job, and it is now my full time occupation.
Every morning I get up and just can’t wait to go to the workshop and start work, and I feel privileged to have the luxury of doing what I love.

Give a man a job he loves and he will never work an other day in his life.

I have my own eclectic production that changes all the time depending on my inspiration, but I also take commissions and work to customer’s specifications.

Visit mount nebo for your full weekend knife making class